Most people will suffer from painful bruising at some point after falling or after sustaining some kind of injury. There are various ways to treat a bruise and deal with the pain and many patients are now using specialist oil. When you are trying to locate essential oils for bruises it is useful to do your homework and look at all of the available options.

A bruise is the result of blood leakage when the blood vessels have been damaged following an injury. Bruises will change color as they heal due to the process of red blood cells breaking down. Healing time will vary depending on the severity of the injury and if you have severe bruising it is advisable to seek medical advice.

Different types of oil can be used such as cypress, lavender, arnica, ginger and lemongrass and they all have different uses. The different liquids are often mixed so that they produce the desired results. Neat oil is usually diluted with a carrier such as coconut oil before they are applied to the skin. You can also use cold therapy and apply ice that is wrapped in a towel or use a cold pack to reduce the bruising.

There are various places where you can purchase oil in the quantity that you need. High street health stores stock it and it is sold in a large number of chemist stores. Another option is to buy from one of the many web based suppliers that are trading and there are a large number to choose from.

The internet is also a very good place to do some research and there is some useful information on the various types of oil and how they work. You can also find recipes that will show you how to mix liquids properly for the best results. Most of the online suppliers will also post customer feedback on the testimonials page of their web site which you may find useful.

If you plan to buy your products form a web based retailer there are some important things to be considered. Many suppliers will offer free shipping but if this is not available you will have to pay to get your products delivered. When the package arrives at your door you should check it carefully to make sure that your order is correct and not damaged.

When you are purchasing your products it is advisable to hang on to the payment receipts. If you need to return any items to a supplier or exchange them you will need to have your receipt. Some of the web based retailers will also send online invoices and emails and these should also be stored in case they are needed at a later date.

You should be aware that this way of treating bruising is not approved by the medical profession and it may not work for everyone. If you use oil and you notice any problems or have a reaction to it you should stop applying it. Some patients will have allergies to certain products and will not be able to use this type of treatment.

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