Climbing up and down attics can look like an almost impossible endeavor. This is true if there are no ladders to lessen and ease the climbing job. Attic ladders come in several options though the folding option is the most popular. Different brands and companies make foldable stepladders with varied features and specifications. Based on this fact, when you are shopping for a folding attic ladder, you need to keep various things in mind.

Determine your type of loft framing system. Most loft floors and roofs have either truss or single raft frames. Truss roofing system work like the interlocking system and require cutting while standard frames are simple and require no cutting. Irrespective of your loft framing type, make sure you get professional assistance so that you can make a more informed decision.

Loft ladders are usually made of materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. Of the three materials, aluminum is the best since it is the strongest, lightest in weight, and rust-resistant. While each of the material will likely suffer the effects of moisture, aluminum will offer better resistance shield to such elements. That said if you want a system that can serve you for years, it is best to consider one made of aluminum.

Consider the maximum amount of load such ladders can carry. You can find the details of the maximum load on the ladder specifications. If you plan to be carrying boxes into your loft space, you must be wise enough to add the weight of the boxes. This is to ensure that you do not overwork the stepladder as this can decrease its expected lifespan.

Every type of loft stepladder sold on the market today has dissimilar warrant periods and life expectancy. The bestselling manufacturers for loft ladders usually provide quality ladders that are durable and strong enough to last for more than five years. Many of them offer their ladders with extensive warranties that can go up to six months. When making your choice of the ladder, do ensure the manufacturer you select offers lengthy warranties.

Consider where the potential stepladder is designed to be fitted. While the majority of loft ladders are created to be fitted into the loft floor, not all will be equal in terms of size to your attic entry. This is the reason you ought to make sure you get real measurements of your loft entry before you go shopping.

Consider the purpose such a stepladder is intended to be serving. High-quality and expensive ladders are the perfect options if you want to be regularly accessing your lofts. Cheaper alternatives will be best if you will not be regularly accessing your lofts. Briefly, evaluate the user ratings and reviews of such ladders so that you can know if they are right for you.

Choose the right brands and types of loft ladders. There are many brands and kinds of loft ladders offered for sale today. Each of the many brands available usually differs in quality and price. So that you can pick the best systems, you ought to evaluate client testimonials and read reviews. By so doing, you will be able to pick the best ladders for you that meet your search criteria.

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