Avon is an American direct selling and manufacturer company of personal care, beauty and household products. The process of selling and marketing directly to customers without fixed location for retail is called direct selling. You could do this through personally meeting people in their wok places and homes but it is possible to do it using the internet as well.

Being a member representative of this company allows you to sell their products in either way that is comfortable for you. You can sell Avon online where it is not necessary for you to meet the one who ordered the items. But before you can do these things, you must register first and become a member and here are some steps in becoming one.

Apply in becoming a sales representative by going to the website and filling up the form. You could also approach someone you know of who is a member and let them help you in signing up. Wait for a call and they will help you set up a meeting with someone nearby to discuss more about the company and their processes if you did not know anyone from them.

Pay the required fee depending on your location and get started with the starter kit you will receive after. This includes order forms, brochures and your own website where customers can buy items from and will be credited to you. Start the online training offered by the company and learn more about the products and how to sell them.

Set up your website and personalize it by naming this with a catchy one that the attention can be grabbed from potential clients. The need to go and personally meet people is not necessary with this online feature and just send links of your website to other people and let them buy through it. This could also be used in disseminating information about your business to the people.

Even though it is possible to sell online not, a possibility of personally meeting customers is still there. So preparing yourself is important by having this marketing materials like business cards, product samples and brochures. These things are not free but you may recover the cost easily if you make sales constantly.

Let as many people as possible know about you being in this business now because they would not know this until informed by you. Start distributing brochures to your acquaintances and try displaying one in local establishments after asking permission and putting a business card on each brochure. Social media can also be used but avoid annoying your potential clients in their.

Create relationships because this business is based on the ability in reaching out to people and trying to make loyal clients. Everyone should be considered a potential customer like those you meet at the church, work, playgrounds and everywhere else. It is helpful to talk to at least three persons a day about the products.

Use the products to become an example of the results yourself. You could talk better about the benefits because you experienced them yourselves. After meeting certain qualifications, you may start recruiting others and mentoring them to be like you.

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