Ever since the beginning of internet marketing, article marketing was one of the initial effective marketing efforts ever enforced on the Internet.  Netrepreneurs have favored article marketing and  have taken advantage of this internet marketing method for site traffic purposes. It has given a lot of advantages to marketers in their aim to increase website traffic. As a matter of fact, new technology has ensured that article submission techniques continue to improve in the recent decade via article submission tools which have taken many forms, and most website owners maintain one or two forms of article submission software.  The primary reason article marketing is extremely popular today is because it is easy to do and implement and it is cost-effective.

The challenge here is how to create produce as many well-written articles daily and seed them to the top websites on the Internet as conceivable to further increase your website traffic. The downside is that even with a wealth of quality articles available , it may become impossible to get a majority of your target demographic to read them. You can only increase the number of readers if you are only able to send your articles to only a few sites. This is why automation in article submission software becomes handy.

The article submission tool makes it easier to automate your article seeding since it automatically puts forward the articles you produce to different websites and blog sites automatically all at once, and all you need to do is monitor the submissions and ensuring you don’t make the mistake of dealing out the same article twice in one website or directory. Without the article automation tool, you would have to go through with the manual and time-consuming task of writing providing articles to each of the sites you want to seed them to ; with this automated software, however, all you have to do is monitor your articles’ progress throughout the ‘Net.

Keep in mind that search engines use links as a criteria in their ranking parameters,  and the article marketing automation tool increases your opportunities of  increasing the links that will direct people to your website and increase your website traffic, thus also boosting your page ranking as far as your status on search engines is concerned. The more your articles are seen in different websites you will find that , article marketing automation tool serves as the key in getting you one-way back links which are very important in page ranking.

Article submission tools are definitely a time saver and acting as an income booster, and giving you the chance to increase your search engine ranking thereby further enhancing your online presence. It makes your article marketing efforts easier and distribution work faster by decreasing the time you need to churn out articles and seeding them to the top article directories online .