There are many factors that make a good keynote speaker. Some skills are more important than others. Though they appear very different live, keynote speakers always have the same core skill set. Think about it, it takes a brave person to stand up and speak to an audience. It doesn’t matter how large that crowd is.

A business speaker isn’t a keynote speaker without confidence. Without confidence the keynote speaker will not be able to do the job. Would you really listen to someone who shakes with fear throughout their speech? On the other hand, someone that delivers a speech in a clear, strong voice is someone you are more likely to listen to. A confident speaker will inspire their audience and add credibility.

It might seem obvious to point out, but knowledge of the subject area is important for a motivational speaker. Otherwise they are likely to be caught out. Having excellent knowledge will add further confidence to the performance. Also, it if any questions are asked at the end, the speaker knows they arent likely to be shown up! People listent to experts, and those that can offer them knowledge. Knowledge is power!

An entertaining speaker is always likely to fair better. No audience likes to sit in boredom. You don’t need to be a comedian, but a bit of humour does help. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. If the speaker can raise a laugh, they are going to get their message across. The audience will remember and talk to their friends about the speech.

Without structure, the audience are also going to be bored. Keeping your audience on their toes is vital. Get the audience to participate. Exchanges questions and answers. Terrify them by inviting them on stage. All in order to keep them hooked to your words.

The subject of the message is also very important. The audience should benefit from the speech. For example for a sales team, the message should be inspirational and goal based. For the less confident, offer them help to get over their anxiety. The speech needs to be significant so it travels with the audience.

Any keynote speaker that can do the above will be successful. Accordingly they are the ones that charge massive rates for a single speech.