We all have the same bad habit of procrastinating now and then. Usually a small dose of procrastination is harmless. However for others still it can spell disaster and mean the difference between getting things done and not. If this seems like we are describing you then you probably need help getting your focus back and managing your time better. Fortunately this is a skill that most people can master easily. You only need to put some effort into it and don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Read on for some great time management tips that you can use to help increase your focus and productivity.

Take care of the most urgent tasks of the day first. When you do this, you get these actions out of the way so they don’t weigh you down. Starting off with the larger tasks also makes it certain that you will in fact get them done. You don’t want to find out late in the day that you should have started a critical task earlier, and now you aren’t able to give it your best effort because you have to hurry. Time management has a lot to do with setting priorities. Make a list of activities in order of their importance, and work on it top to bottom. One simple way to make things easier for yourself is to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable ones. It’s easier to get a handle on a large job when you can work on it one piece at a time. When you break down the task, you can also have flexibility about which part you want to work on at what time, or who you want to assign it to. Procrastination is a common problem when it comes to facing large, intimidating projects. Most people procrastinate because they are avoiding a project that seems too big to tackle. By breaking it down into small pieces it becomes manageable and easier to do.

If you’re going to master time management, one thing you must learn how to do is delegate certain activities. Trying to do everything yourself is just not good. If you delegate some of the less important but time consuming activities, you’ll have more time for truly important ones. This way your day will not be spent on hundreds of trivial tasks and you will be more productive and creative. It will also keep you from getting distracted in mundane tasks. Many people are not comfortable with delegation. If you make it a habit, though, it will soon feel perfectly normal.

You can significantly improve your time management abilities. If you get into the habit of practicing the time management tips we’ve covered here, you’ll find that you are getting more done in less time.

You can get better at time management by planning your day realistically and then staying focused on each task you work on. The more you work at it, the better at it you will be. Before you go, look at this DecisionBar review to see how I improve my efficiency while I’m trading.