A lost island that is the Atlantis empire has been speculated upon in numerous books and films. Part of the enchantment comes from where it is and what it was. Much clarity can come from this In two essays from the Greek philosopher Plato, in Timaeus and Critias to be exact, Atlantis was mentioned in passing and this spearheaded the ongoing fascination of both professionals and amateurs. In one Internet bookstore are 438 titles that are all about this. When it comes to full length features, Disney came up with Atlantis The Lost Empire. You will find that further information on Antarctic Cruising is on that site.

There were a number of scholars who believed in the existence of the island of Atlantis, which beheld the light of the sun and brought about a fair abundance, and they said that Plato could not have made the entire thing up. How can people find out if Atlantis is Plato’s or someone else’s? The truth to Atlantis was not revealed for Plato died about twelve years after introducing it.

When it comes to the historian Solon where Plato quoted Atlantis from, he existed. Solon made things up but Plato believed in it, as said by the skeptics. For true believers Plato did have the intellect but not the creativity to think up something like Atlantis, one made up of rings where cities and the royal palace are located with detailed statues not to mention a number of bath houses all over the place.

The destruction of Atlantis in 9000 BC still needs much research to see if Plato did have his facts right for the place being talked about is one that is so developed that it could not only create nuclear bombs but could also develop extraordinary flying machines. Even the location of Atlantis is left unknown. Atlantis was believed to have been in Thira which was claimed by a volcano in 1470 BC.

In the Azores in the Atlantic is another location for Atlantis that is off of the coast of Spain. When it comes to underwater ruins, these have often been linked to Atlantis. Maps with Atlantis located some place became the primary tool used by the European explorers. You can get the best trips to antarctica information by visiting this website.

Since they had many elephants, they used the skins for the flying machines they used to travel. When it comes to Atlantis, another location is off of the coast of today’s Bimini. After the destruction, there were still a number of survivors. Egypt became the new settlement for these survivors and it has been said that they shared their knowledge here. Storing traces of Atlantis is a secret chamber inside the Great Sphinx.

Ice in Antarctica was only during 4000 BC. No other experience other than underground explosions and seismic upheavals were encountered before then. Plenty of these generated energy that could destroy civilizations. Atlantis was a real island in the Atlantic Ocean and it was found out by an author who did much research on its existence a part of his writing work. The island doesn’t exist because it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion. Similar to the modern days, they too had nuclear weaponry. Due to the civil war in Atlantis, they blew themselves up after fighting with nuclear weaponry.