A lot of people consider organizing a daunting task, especially if it involves garage organization, because it involves turning the place upside down to clean up all the mess. Piling everything in their proper places is as difficult as finding out where to begin your job. However, this time, you can turn garage spring-cleaning into an easy and enjoyable endeavor with careful planning and the right garage storage solutions. Here are the things that you can do to transform your garage from a total mess to a well-organized space:

Make arrangements and get ready. You can be assured that you will finish the project without any major problem. Ensure that the weather is fine when you begin your spring-cleaning because you will have to put out everything that you have in the garage. It is also recommended that you hire or ask somebody’s help in moving the items out of the garage. Prepare many drinks for your and those who would decide to help you out with the cleaning task. Make sure that you have first aid kits available in case of mishap or accident since most of the items that you would be moving out of the garage are heavy and sharp objects. Do not forget to prepare the cleaning supplies that you will need. Organize the things that you will put out of the garage into three: things to keep, things to throw away, and things to donate.

On the day that you are cleaning up, move the stuff out of your garage and pile them according to the three categories that you made. Put those that you want to throw away farthest from the door while those to keep should be located nearest to the door.

Start cleaning from top to bottom and dry to wet areas. Use vacuum so that you are able to cover every part of your garage. Clean the windows and floor. Oil the doors, window, and parts of the garage door.

When the place is clean, it is time to organize your garage. This is where garage storage solutions come in handy. For there is no point that you clean your garage and then you would pile it up again with all the stuff that you intend to keep. Organizing might mean shelving, using hooks, utilizing boxes and bins, and the like. The use of a garage workbench is one way to organize your stuff. A garage work bench can also serve as your work area in case you want to transform your garage into a hobby area. Picture your kitchen—its organized space—and this is how exactly your garage should look like. If you have a small space, other storage options to consider include garage storage racks, storage walls, or overhead storage.

When everything is organized, congratulate yourself because you have successfully overcome the daunting task of cleaning and arranging your space.