Everyone loves Christmas.  Few, if any, Christmas Scrooges exist . But Christmas, like most holidays , can bring with it  more stress than a final exam at college.

Most of it relates to the difficulty and expense of Christmas shopping .

Generally, men are the most challenged shoppers and all of us know men who get considerable shopping assistance from their daughters, their secretaries, or their female friends.  However, Christmas shopping is not just difficult for males; lots of women can find Christmas shopping hard as well.  Similarly, people of all ages can find choosing presents for friends and families difficult, particularly if they are on a budget.

We surveyed accomplished shoppers to share some Christmas shopping tips with us.  Here’s what we learned from them.

1.  Shop for and buy Christmas gifts throughout the calendar year .

2. Make a list of everybody on your gift list, and note the amount you can afford to spend on each.  By all means, be generous, but stay within your budget.  Remember, you can be a generous gift giver without putting yourself in debt.

3. Go online to compare prices.  You’ll save both money and time .  Why fight the crowds when you can surf the Internet instead? 

4.  Remember, ifworst comes to worst, you can choose a gift card or even ask for hints from the person for whom you are shopping.  If you get four or five hints, your gift will still be a surprise on Christmas .  And, keep in mind that money is always a good gift for students in college or graduate school

Using the tips above, lots of folks have simplified their Christmas shopping.  You can too.