Professional Counter Surveillance Package

Our package is made up of three devices that detect all phone taps, hidden video cameras
 , GPS vehicle trackers , eavesdropping devices or “bugs” in one easy-to-use package.

Most Complete 3-In-One Bug Detector For Total Privacy:

·  Debug An Entire Room In Under 45 Minutes

·  3 Types Of Bug Detectors Included For Maximum Results

·  Detect GPS Tracking Devices, Phone Bugs, Body Wires, And All Eavesdropping Devices

·  unbelievable Detection Range Up To 10.5 GHz

·   Detect Bugs As Far As 25 Feet Away

Are You Being Spied On? Protect Your Privacy:
Is someone listening in or watching you?  With the small and hidden designs of the latest eavesdropping and surveillance devices, you would never know if you are being spied on in your own bathroom, shower, office, or home. You might even have people listening to your secret conversions with a telephone tap or audio surveillance equipment. With all of this eavesdropping equipment out on the market today, what measures can you take to protect yourself? Take action against prying eyes and ears with The Professional Counter Surveillance Package. Our system features three different forms of counter surveillance devices that can locate all of the eavesdropping equipment located in your home or office no matter how hidden they are.

This is the Number #1  Bug Sweep Unit Used By Private Investigators to preclude Government and Corporate Espionage

You Can Make Up To $900 In 3 Hours Debugging Homes Or Businesses Of Eavesdropping Devices & Hidden Cameras:
For every “Bug,” “Telephone Tap,” “Spy-Cam” and ” GPS Tracking Device ” that is sold, there are 20 – 30 people out there that are afraid that they are being secretly watched and/or listened to. If you’ve ever thought about entering one of the most interesting, exciting, and extremely lucrative businesses around today, look no further. The Counter Surveillance industry is exploding with opportunity. The universal desire to escape this surreptitious Eavesdropping has now created a fantastic opportunity for individuals and firms that can once again restore this rapidly vanishing privacy.

Typical Private Investigator Debugging Fees:
5 rooms……………..$1,500.00
11 phones………….. $1,043.00
3 speakerphones…….$125.00
Written report………..$125.00
Total $2,793.0

Start Up A Private Investigator Business For Under $1000 And Make PROFIT!
The average fee for “debugging” a single telephone is now over $200. It only requires about 45 minutes to complete the job. Electronically searching for Eavesdropping Devices and/or hidden cameras in a small home or business can be done in under 3 hours and can easily insure fees of $600 to $900 and more, depending upon the number of phones, rooms, etc. Whether you decide to perform sweeps on a part time or a full time basis, it will provide an excellent income and great satisfaction.

The 3-In-One Professional Counter Surveillance Package Comes Complete With:

Vibrating Transmitter Detector:
The Vibrating Transmitter Detector is the smallest silent frequency bug detector available. This device instantly alerts you when a transmitter is detected and gives you two silent forms of notification: silent vibration and visual blinking LED light. With the device hidden in your pocket, you can covertly monitor eavesdropping activity without alerting anyone that you are sweeping the area for concealed bugs. This unit has a frequency detection range of 1 MHz to 6 GHz and a 25 foot range makes this tiny 2″ bug a must-have for covert room sweeps.

Lock-On Frequency Counter:
The extremely sensitive Frequency Counter automatically “Locks-On” the frequency of any Eavesdropping Transmitter in the vicinity and instantaneously reveals its location and operating frequency. The 10 digit display indicates the precise frequency of the device and eliminates those transient signals that confuse most detectors. With an outstanding 1 MHz to 3GHz operating range and telescopic antenna, this device can instantly locate all audio and video eavesdropping transmitters.

Counter Surveillance Detector:
This high-gain amplifier stage is extremely sensitive and has a superior detection range of 10.5 GHz. Its bug detecting range of 25 feet lets you effectively debug an entire house in under 45 minutes. Bugs are indicated by LED sequencing as well as meter indications, which can be set to silent mode for covert sweeps. The device has an output jack that lets you connect to any standard recorder to record and detect even the smallest sounds. This device connects to a standard telephone with a modular plug and detects transmitting video cameras, GPS tracking devices, telephone bugs, microwave devices, lie detectors, and more.

Infinity Tap Full Monitoring: Unique capability allows you to “LISTEN-IN” to every word and sound that the eavesdropper is monitoring.

Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment: Eliminates those troublesome transient RF signals that are extremely confusing to most Counter Surveillance Detection Equipment.

Rapid Detection: Quickly pinpoints the exact location of any eavesdropping devices.

Full Recording Capability: Output jack enables full recording of any detected sounds.

Simplified Operation: Quickly determines the telephone line condition and indicates whether Series/Parallel Telephone Transmitters, Recording Devices, Infinity Devices, or any other type of eavesdropping device is present on the line.

The Professional Counter Surveillance Package Can Locate All Major Types Of Bugs:

·  Analog and Digital Bugs

·  The “Infinity” Spy Device (Hook-Switch Bypass, Third Wire Tap, Harmonica, Etc.)

·  ”Series” and “Parallel” Telephone Taps

·  Cell Phone Bugging Devices

·  Body Transmitters (i.e. Body Wires)

·  Computer and Fax Eavesdropping Devices

·  Room Bugs

·  Concealed Video Cameras

·  GPS Vehicle and Personal Tracking Devices

·  Many, many, more…

Some Of Users Include:

·   Los Angeles Police Department

·   Dallas Police Department

·   U.S. Dept. of Defense

·   EPA

·  United Nations

·  Fortune 500 Companies

·  Government Agencies


·  Weight: 4 lbs

·  1 MHz – 10.5 GHz frequency detection range

·  20-20.000 Hz headphone frequency response

·  32 ohms impedance

·  9VDC rechargeable nicad battery (charger included)


·  10 Mw @150 MHz – 8 ft.

·  100 Mw @ 2GHz: 15 ft.

·  1 Watt @ 4 GHz: 25 ft.

·  1 Watt @ 8 GHz: 20 ft.

·  1 Watt @ 10.5 GHz 8 ft.


·  Vibrating Transmitter Detector

·  Lock-On Frequency Counter

·  Counter Surveillance Detector

·  Headphones

·  Attache Carrying Case

·  Free Transmitting Camera

·   Hi-Tech information Pack
·  “White Noise” Generator