I’ve signed on to work for my friend’s company, blogging and completing other random writing tasks. The business provides custom seo services to all different types of companies. Primarily I contribute to linkbuilding campaigns for our various clients. Building a good network of links to particular targeted keywords boosts the companies’ search rankings and can contribute to a significant rise in number of sales. On the other hand, just building links any which way does no good. Google and the other major search engines hate spammy seo strategies (black hat tactics) and create algorithms and rules to protect their users from it. This means that if you do linkbuilding in a way that Google doesn’t appreciate, the company you’re working for can end up having their site penalized in the rankings, or even banned from particular search engines altogether. However, the search engines encourage seo firms to utilise linkbuilding campaigns that add true quality content to the Net and provide interesting links for their users (white hat tactics). I must work to protect our clients while providing quality writing that drives traffic to their sites.

Among the more unique services that the company offers is viral video marketing. It used to be that consumers avoided ads at all costs, both on television and on the internet. That’s why DVRs, Tevos, spam blockers and other such devices and programs have gained so much popularity. But these days, a new trend is on the rise. Consumers visit YouTube intent on watching specific commercials. They seek them out! But it doesn’t work with just any commercial. It must be engaging, and to become popular enough to be worthwhile, it must go viral. That’s where we come in. We use our huge network of contacts, plus our expertise with seo, to help videos get seen.

Originally I signed on for this job just to pay the bills (it’s ofttimes hard to get a job as a self-employed writer that pays a decent hourly rate), but now I’m truly fascinated with the work we do and seeing the results we provide. I feel now like I’m part of something that’s really top-of-the-line and innovative. I can’t wait to see where we go next.