Success has been found by many online business owners.  Small business marketing success has been found. With the high cost of daycare, working from home is the only viable option for many people. Small business marketing success is harder to master than most business owners anticipate. Perseverance is required to accomplish the task.  The skill set may be learned. The small business marketing strategy is comprised of ideas revolving around one another.  And one strategy does not fit every situation.  Each online business owner must evaluate which niche will best suit their particular needs.


Locating niches that have potential is the first thing to do. Website traffic must be driven to the site.  Look for niches that have avid computer users. How popular is your niche to the online community? The niche has to be above a certain threshold to be able to maintain a profitable website community. Feedback is an important element of assessing your online business ideas.   After all the research is completed, a final decision will emerge.


Clear your mind and make a list of possible online business ideas you are interested in. When looking for the product, what would you enter into a search engine?  Make a list. Look for a medium sized niche to limit competition. Do not use the word “dress accessories” as you will have too many options.   “Handbags”, “necklaces”, or even “shoes” is a more specific niche.


Google Adwords is free and will help you locate keywords. How many searches per month on a keyword is a valuable feature of online keyword tools. Do not overlook their suggestions for your keyword.  Make sure you do not favor a particular outcome during the keyword evaluation process.   Do not choose a niche just because you like it.  Look at the research.


A good small business marketing strategy hinges on the right niche being chosen. After you have chosen the online strategy, then pick closely related keywords with limited competition.