Christmas is not far off now, only less than four months away now. It might sound like a long time but we all know that 4 months passes very quickly. People say UK does not get long summer but we had a great summer this year and look how 4 months has passed away so quickly. Generall on Christmas silver jewellery, clothing materials and toys are mostly used as gifts to give away. But what gifts will you give your family members this Christmas? Previously we have all got gifts such as silver necklaces, silver earrings , rings and other jewellery for our loved ones. Toys are bought for children by many parents on christmas. So why not get something unique and different for your family this Christmas? Why not celebrate christmas and new years away on holiday with your family this year. Yes they do say Christmas is the time when you spend time with your family but even when you are on holiday you will still be with your family, the only difference is you will be on holiday. Why not ask your parents to join in too. So what gifts will you buy for your children this Christmas? If you are not taking your family on holiday then you can buy your kids some toys as we always do but something new and unique that they haven’t seen or played with before. And for your wife you can always do the house work for 2 weeks to keep her happy, just kidding. Jewellery is always a good way to put a smile on a woman’s face. And ladies why not surprise your partner by getting him a ticket to his favourite football team’s game on a boxing day. The best holiday option would be to go somewhere warm where you can enjoy Christmas in warm weather. Places like Florida, Hawaii, Australia and others celebrate hot Christmas. I know you are tempted now.