Charities have often seen issues with Facebook with regards to privacy of data and children’s safety. Facebook, in turn, has offered free advertising to charities recently, but under their own terms. While there are anti-violence and children’s safety groups that are demanding an "alert" button to report cyber-bullying or inappropriate behavior on Facebook, the compromise that Facebook is willing to make is to get the equivalent of a million of these messages a day in front of those that use their social networking website. A good question to consider is should you advertise your charity on Facebook?
When you consider the limited advertising budgets that charities are faced with, there are some ways that you might want to consider advertising with Facebook, to increase your online presence, if you are a charity organization. The question, should you advertise your charity on Facebook, might depend on the type of organization you are. There are some of the most prominent children’s safety and anti-violence groups that refuse to advertise, even though Facebook is offering free advertising- just not the addition of the panic  button. The thing to consider is the type of charity you are and whether you can incorporate these messages into your free advertising campaign.

In addition, when answering the question-should you advertise your charity on Facebook, you need to consider whether it is the most appropriate way to get your message out and whether it is the right advertising medium for your charity. It depends on your specific type of charity, but for the vast majority of charities, Facebook is a good way to advertise. The general idea is to lift awareness for your organization and increase your donations. If it might be a controversial move, you might want to give it careful consideration, however.

For some charities, it might be better to stay away from it and use services like SendSavings as an alternative, which can offer fundraising opportunities for your charity with targeted coupons for your members or donors and it offers benefits to everybody involved. Not only will the charity benefit because SendSavings pays the charity to advertise and target their members with the coupons, but the members or donors save money, can tell friends about the opportunity and gain support for the charity.

Of course, charities have a public image that is expected, when it comes to advertising and it needs to be more low-key than for-profit companies might choose for their marketing needs. Through fundraising advertising opportunities, it is possible for a charity to raise awareness with programs like those offered by companies like SendSavings and increase their funds, while getting free advertising. There are other ways that charities can use the Internet and social media networks or SMS messages to increase the support of their organization, as well.

Should you advertise your charity on Facebook? The answer might be yes, but you need to consider many creative options and consider your charity’s mission, no matter where or how you advertise, increase awareness and request donations or raise funds. There are a number of advertising options for charities to consider and some of them are more beneficial than others.

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