Wine lovers from all countries each have a preference when it comes to finding a really good wine. But in Australia, wine lovers with crimson-stained teeth only have one wine in mind when speaking of the best: the Barossa Valley Shiraz. It’s a dark and bold wine that’s hailed all over the country. The Shiraz, formerly called Hermitage, is Australia’s largest dark-skinned grape variety. It is known to make the most powerful red wines. And when hailing from the Barossa Valley which is Australia’s ultimate wine hub, the Shiraz wine is praised for it’s complexity, flavorful characteristic, and fine length. It’s really good as a varietal and it also makes splendid wine blends, like that of the famous GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre).It’s good on its own, but it also makes some of the best blended wines such as the GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre). It makes a fine variety and it does well as a wine blend too, sampled by the famous GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre).

The Zonte’s Footstep Shiraz is one of the most bought Shiraz wines. Made by famous wine maker Ben Riggs, this Halliday-rated wine (with 4.5 stars) is of a deep purple color and a fine mixture of mostly Shiraz and a little bit of Viognier. It’s highly aromatic with varied scents of pepper, spice, apricot, blackberry pie, violets, and roses. Although dry and rich in alcohol content, this Shiraz is juicy and fruity, with much tannins and finishing flavors of cedar and malt. Being a cancelled export label to the United Kingdom, it’s a high quality wine that’s sold at a very cheap price. It’s said to taste like a man’ s wallet and worthy to have more than a glass of.

Another Barossa Valley Shiraz that’s full of class and really worth tasting is the Hesketh Pathfinder Shiraz 2008. It’s a popular wine label that’s rather spicy and notable for being deep and having a long finish. The reason why a lot of people go crazy about it is because it has everything a Barossa red wine is bound to posses: richness, ripe plum flavors, hints of chocolates, spice, and a fine texture. At just a little over $7, you can already relish this fine tasting and incredible wine.

And if you want the finest of all fine wines, then you’ll have to partake of the multi-awarded Balthazar of the Barossa Shiraz. It’s a 95 points Halliday rated Barossa Valley Shiraz wine that’s deep and bright in color, and has layers of complex and fruity flavors that’s just simply brooding. It has one of the most powerfully exotic aromas, is densely concentrated with flavors of spiced plums, anise, and really solid tannins.