If it turns out it was not already sufficient that Apple and Blackberry are in their own mobile phone and tablet pc war, now Microsoft in addition has walked in the line of fire and attempt to get a part of the overwhelming cell phone market place by unveiling their own version called the Windows Phone 7. The release time has been believed to be sometime in October this year, just one month after RIM has launched their PlayBook that is designed to wipe Apple’s iPad out of the top rated position. If you see the online video media release of the Blackberry PlayBook and you have in mind the so called “weaknesses” of the iPad, there is no doubt that the PlayBook was intended to wage world war. So when Microsoft will generate their new phone series, though we have no idea presently who among Apple or Blackberry it was designed to wage war upon, we can be sure that it’s going to be a very stiff competition in truth. It is scheduled to be introduced any point in October initially in European countries and then the United States by November and their purpose are for common buyers. Whilst BB’s aim is to place its position in firm ground in the business world, for now the WP7 seems to be directed in the consumer market place. But the approach is not that simple because the next influx of the WP7 series is designed to touch the small business consumer as well which is a very probable and lucrative plan indeed that Apple and RIM ought to be always alert to or be ready to be wiped out in the upcoming. Within our market, we constantly prepare and with every phone unveiled to the market specifically those pricey and costly phones, mobile phone insurance will be something that will not diminish out. The service that insurance provides extends to all industries and cellphones are not unique at all. Whenever somebody purchases a $700 phone, don’t you think that they would find some sort of guarantee that if they misplaced or ruined it they won’t be wasting too much to have it changed? That is exactly where phone insurance plays a very critical part. The “what if’s” in life don’t need to be a complete stress on the mind because of not being prepared, and mobile phone insurance at least gives our clientele assurance understanding that if they buy a phone like the forthcoming WP7, they wont need to bare their purses just to get it replaced in case it was damaged or lost.