If there’s one online marketing technique that will never go out of fashion, it has to be article marketing. In this article we will be talking about 3 specific article marketing benefits you should know about.

Website owners and internet marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to boost the traffic that comes to their site without them having to do very much. Article marketing can actually do this for you when you publish many articles online because visitors will be able to respond to them twenty four hours a day. You will need to use keywords so that the search engines rank you higher if you want that flood of traffic, however. So this would give you an opportunity to get ranked and get laser targeted visitors to your site through the articles.

Besides that, you’ll get the traffic for a long, long time unless you lose your rank, which will happen overtime. What you’ll want to do, then, is create as many articles as you can to ensure your stream of traffic doesn’t stop. Not only that, but it’s not uncommon for bloggers and webmasters to take your articles and republish them, which can bring you more visitors in return. Many of these sites have your article up for years, which means you can expect to get targeted visitors coming in 24/7. Not only that, but you’ll get higher in the rankings as the article directories gain in age, which means you’ll attain higher rankings than many new sites.

One other benefit to utilizing article marketing is that you can use it to make an email list of people who want to subscribe to you. An email list is very important and most internet marketing professionals will let you know that the money is in that list. Since you know that only targeted visitors are clicking through your articles, you should utilize it for an email list. This is just common sense as you don’t have to do much work for this to be effective. You only need an opt in page, and then something to give away for free to subscribers. You can drive your traffic from several articles to that one page where they can opt in and that will build your list of targeted people. Once you have lots of articles bringing traffic in, you only need to create a bond with your email list.

Article marketing can even be utilized to provide services to people within your target audience. Even though there are big freelance portals out there, it still gets difficult due to the competition. If you are selling a service, article marketing can be a great way to find potential clients for various types of projects. This is a great approach since you aren’t using anyone else to facilitate the deal, but since it takes work not many people use it.

Article marketing has many other perks, but you must learn how to use them to make money.

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