Nitric acid is formulated by way of pressurized oxidation and distillation of ammonia.  There are a lot of applications for nitric acid being among the vital components in producing a lot of the essential industrial and commercial products which we must have in our community these days.  Some of these products involve nitroglycerin, cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, ammonium and nitrate.  It is also needed in very important processes such as in dissolving gold and platinum, identifying metal traces found in solutions, oxidizing liquid fuel rockets and testing heroin and morphine content in colorimetric examinations.

These are only a few of the numerous fields and products that require the application of HNO3.  This is why even amidst the possible hazards that the substance might lead to, there are still plenty of people who try to find suppliers of nitric acid that may provide them of the quantity they need.  The issue, nevertheless, is the fact that despite having demand, there are actually strict rules governing the application, production, manufacturing and supply of nitric acid.  This is why it’s not easy to access this compound.  A person will have to go through many precautionary measures to be able to receive your supply.  Even so, there are a lot of chemical and laboratory supply companies from where you could find the mentioned substance.  There are even carpentry shops that sell it.  In fact, the acid is likewise accidentally produced as acid rain when oxides and nitrogen mix together with atmospheric moist.

So now you have resolved your problem on how to buy nitric acid.  Then again, your troubles concerning the acid do not end in simply locating a store from where you can buy it.  In fact, the challenging part is just getting started.  Now comes the more careful and important stage of handling and storing it.

For storage, a person must ensure that the area where you will keep the chemical is cool, well-ventilated and has got reliable drainage and acid-proof floors.  Be sure that it does not get bumped or hit.  Keep it far from sunlight as well as other elements that the acid is known to have a number of reaction with.  Understand that HNO3 reacts powerfully with water, therefore you must see to it that the compound must not even get close to where water might be present.  For example, containers used for the chemical should not be cleaned. If you use water to water down nitric acid, be sure that you put the water little by little.  Applying hot water is likewise a big no, no.

Users should also be more careful in handling the substance.  It is highly corrosive and contains very strong oxidizing properties.  The workers are to be adequately equipped with the proper gear to keep them protected from any kind of unwanted and unforeseen circumstances.  Always remember that the substance is proven to be harmful when absorbed, breathed in, and comes into contact with the skin and the eyes.  Every person in the workplace is actually taught accordingly on the way to behave should accidents happen.