ADI Part 2 Driving Ability

Out of all 3 components of the qualification process, ADI part 2 was the one that worried me a lot. To cut a long story short, I considered that my driving was of average skill. My reverse~ car parking was atrocious and my general planning and awareness also left much to be desired. My advice is that you start off training to drive correctly as soon as you decide to go down this route. I can’t emphasise this enough as old routines die hard. Straightforward issues like checking you mirrors and signalling timely had long gone out through~ the window. So I decided to get into excellent routines as I was preparing for Part 1 Theory. Whenever I drove out for a drive, I would guarantee I attempted to put my theory information in use. This is why it is crucial to understand your theory test material and not simply blindly memorise it.

I shelled out an additional £1200 to get 20 hrs in car tuition with a well known company. I have to confess I was given a excellent instructor. He wasn’t the finest by any means but was really professional. Once more I would say that this is far too much cash to pay for so few lessons. I would suggest searching for an private  teacher who is prepared to bill you by the hr and not go with any of these big shot companies that make income by marketing you block tuition for extortionate prices. In any case I finished my 20 hrs of tuition through out a 6 month interval and booked my exam. I practiced everyday in my own car just so that it would become second nature on the day of the practical exam. I was a lot more anxious for this element of the test than any other because of my personal weak point in driving ability. Pointless to say I failed my ADI Part 2 as I got 7 driving faults when you are only permitted a maximum of 6. Significant amount of this was down to sheer nerves on the day. I quickly nursed my uncomfortable ego and paid an private driving teacher for a couple of more hours tuition.

Within 4 weeks I had yet another exam date booked and succeeded with solely 3 driving faults. My suggestions is then to find an private driving instructor by recommendation. A good teacher is the difference between passing and failing. A excellent method is to troll the world wide web boards and no doubt you will hopefully discover the few instructors online that are really worth their weight in gold. There is a big variation in the quality of the tuition out there so be informed of poor quality instructors wanting to generate an further buck by taking on a PDI to supplement their learner tuition income. Practice every day and don’t be afraid to go to the test centre. I actually drove into the test centre in my own car just to cut lower the nerves. I drove the 30 odd miles two or 3 times a week and practiced on the rds in which I was going to be tested. I didn’t want anything to be alien to me on the day of the test that may frighten me. I must have completed near enough 500 reverse parks in the most tight, congested circumstances just to shake off nerves. It all paid off on the day of the exam and I passed. The pass rate for ADI part 2 is about 45% so don’t take it lightly.

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