Cloud computing is also referred to as hot technology. This is because it has stirred a lot of interest in the world of computing. Every user from anywhere in the world can now access the wide range of opportunities made accessible through the technology. With access to the internet every user can conveniently and quickly get computing resources via cloud computing.

More developers are creating operating systems for cloud hosting and this is due to the huge potential in that area. Cloud servers will deliver greater performance when running on operating systems that are meant for the cloud environment. There are numerous quality operating systems for cloud servers among others that have not made the cut.

In the market today we have the Glide OS which is one of the top cloud host operating system. With storage of up to 30GB, this free version also comes with applications such as email client, office suite, photo editor and media player. With a storage space of up to 250 GB and enhanced features the Glide Premium version is another operating system available. Many users are impressed by the high security it presents and that is the key selling points.

Another excellent operating system that has made an entry to the cloud host scene is the icloud. Icloud has one of the best and tastefully designed user interfaces in all the cloud systems. The common applications are also available with iCloud and you get up to 50GB storage online. It works quite well and has a large following among those who mainly need computing for personal use.

We also have another unique cloud system which is installed in the target machine and it is called the Jolicloud. This operating system is commonly used by Net books. This application is very easy to set up and has an appealing user interface. This cloud host system is a variant of the Ubuntu system that has been optimized for net books. In social networks Jolicloud has created a good reputation for itself as the system of choice.

Ghost is an acronym for Global hosted operating system which is yet another major cloud operating system. It delivers an experience very similar to that of operating on a normal computer. The system Features such as desktop, disk drives and applications make sure that using the system delivers a familiar feel. Ghost comes with a package of all the most important application needed for computing just like any other cloud operating system. Perhaps top among all other cloud operating systems is the eyeOS. This is a free license system created with the aim of focusing on providing a quality solution by a selected few professionals. The usual computing applications that allow document creation and modification, entertainment and communication are available.

These are just some of the operating systems that are currently available for running in a cloud hosting environment. There are others being developed but these are among the best options available today.