The chances of fires starting within our workplaces is greatly increased by the presence of so many PCs and other electric items.  The chances of the loss of life within our workplaces has been reduced thanks to improvements made to modern office furniture.

The problem to solve

A huge problem with fires in the workplace is that office furniture is so prevalent in the working environment; we all need a desk to work at and a chair to sit on.  Unfortunately in the event of a fire this furniture only serves to feed the flames and cause more risk to lives.  The difficulty that staff have of leaving the building is increased by burning furniture.

Furniture layout

Investigations have demonstrated that danger of fires in offices can be reduced by planning the layout of office furniture.  By leaving larger spaces between desks we give workers more space to manoeuvre during a fire and also make it more difficult for the fire to spread.  

As a  result we have seen new designs to modern office furniture, which allow it to be laid out in innovative ways.  One good example of such a design is the now common ergonomically curved desks that afford banks to be created by pushing them back to back and side to side.  Using this kind of desk layout makes best use of the office space, whilst leaving a good walkthrough behind seating area of the employee.

A change in materials

Another area where modern office furniture has made huge strides in the interests of fire safety is by making changes to the materials used in manufacture.  Materials that are less likely to catch fire quickly and thus spread the fire are now used by reputable manufacturers. Also, the materials now used do not give off toxic gasses when burnt, which can often prove as lethal as fire itself.