In our present climate many professionals in the construction industry and associated industries need to take into consideration, as a primary concern, time and cost issues. This ultimately means finding a project management solution which enables efficient communication and automation of tasks to carry out the project on time and within budget.

Using an online, web based, construction management software application is a serious consideration for construction project managers. There are many benefits to using a web hosted system, sometimes referred to as a cloud hosted system; the main benefit revolves around the unrivalled ability for online collaboration between work teams, managers and suppliers.

Up to date and relevant information and data in many media formats, such as installation drawings and financial records can be input to the project software for distribution to the applicable parties. There is therefore no need for direct contact as teams can be updated when new information is available. Data in the form of spreadsheets, project costs and timelines can be shared in real time. This will invariably allow for issues to be resolved quickly and in a more efficient manner as teams can access the data online via their computer or a handheld device.

Probably the most important feature is the ability for construction management software applications to allow online collaboration between workers to discuss data in real time while in different locations, but all having access to the same documents. It is even possible for users with the correct permissions to alter data as and when needed. The information does not need to be retyped, forwarded or sent out to the appropriate person.

To improve the accountability documents can be date stamped and monitored, this will provide an up to the minute status of where the job is up to and who is responsible for different aspects of the project. The project software will also take into account the need to monitor suppliers and supplies of materials received. A cost can then be associated with the supplies to ascertain if the project is on budget and a calendar created to manage when materials should be delivered.

A good online construction management program is designed to be user friendly with a familiar look to improve the software learning curve. It should also be extremely robust to cope with the many alterations and access points which will occur during a construction project. The software should have at its core the ability to improve the efficiency of the task which will in turn save time and reduce associated costs.