It’s true! Social bookmarking is now known as the best way to promote a website. But many people don’t even know what social bookmarking is, but they pretend to know social bookmarking. For those people who don’t know what social bookmarking is, here is a little introduction on social bookmarking for you.


What Is Social Bookmarking?


We often bookmark our favorite contents we find online in our Internet browser. And the difference between Bookmarking and social bookmarking is, we do social bookmarking online! Social bookmarking is storing or posting your favorite contents or your websites contents on a social bookmarking site so it will become easier to share it with people. It’s the same bookmarking but it’s not offline! In social bookmarking sites, bookmarks are mostly done by humans so people can search and see which websites or contents are worth watching. They can even vote for their social bookmarking them if they like it!


How Social Bookmarking Brings Traffic To A Site


When you share a link on social bookmarking site, it will work as a back link which is needed for Search Engine Optimization. And as social bookmarking sites are online, people will be able to share it via social bookmarking sites and in this way it will  bring a lot of people to a site in no time! People can vote for your links too so your bookmarks will be shown in the top row of social bookmarking sites when someone searches something similar to them. It will also help you to bring a lot of traffic.


There are many popular websites for social bookmarking such as dig, Stumble Upon etc. But there are some ways you have to follow to get traffics with these social bookmarking sites.


Firstly, you can add social bookmarking icons under every contents or articles in your website so it  will be easier for people to share it via social bookmarking. You can use plug-ins for social bookmarking so your work will become easier and people will do the social bookmarking for you. There are some sites related to social bookmarking which are really useful for sharing your contents. By using these social bookmarking websites, you will be able to share your contents in the famous social bookmarking sites with just one click! Yes, social bookmarking is that simple. This thing  makes your work a lot easier.


Try to bookmark other people’s post which is related to your website as sharing contents only from your website won’t look good. If your contents are good and if you think people will like them, then social bookmarking can’t go wrong! But make sure you are not “social bookmarking” each and every content in your website as it might not help you to get traffics. Try to use social bookmarking for the best contents of your website which will grab attention from people easily and bring a lot of traffic in your website.


But if you still don’t understand what is social bookmarking then go to some of the popular websites like Dig, Delicious and try for yourself! Just follow the process and it won’t be hard as it seems to you once you do a social bookmarking by yourself. Good Luck!

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