Social bookmarking is a feature that is popularly known. It is means by which you can share, arrange, and search for various web pages and links. It is also considered as an important marketing strategy for online business. The main reason for the users to post the web pages or links in the social bookmarking sites is to popularize their contents. There are many social bookmarking websites at present. All the sites help the users in getting the task done. Extreme care must be taken while choosing a social bookmarking website. There are some websites that deliver the service free of cost and on the other hand there are some that charges on monthly basis.

Many features are added to social bookmarking websites. The most useful features include enabling the users to categories the web pages or links depending upon the subject involved in the page or blog.  There is large number of categories already provided by the social bookmarking websites. Most of these websites will provide web feed when the user login to the account. Web feed will be a notification regarding the new posts, comments received by the user from the groups linked to the account. This is indeed very easy for the users to check the new links and they can definitely bookmark the links if they like it and also can share with their friends. Some of the social bookmark websites even provides the number of visitors who have visited their links within a given time period. In other words the social website will enable the user to judge the level of traffic that hit their web page or link. This is very useful for the users so that accordingly they can take relevant steps in order to market their online services or accordingly they can post new blogs or articles. This phenomenon will also definitely help the web pages or links to gain the attention of the search engines and as a result search engines will index these websites. This is an easy way of gaining attention from number of internet users and also for getting ranked by powerful search engines like Google, yahoo etc. 

On the other hand, social bookmarking has also got certain drawbacks which include the following: there is no particular rule of naming the tags. The tags can be names informally without following any set of paradigm. As a result this leads to lot of confusions, since many tags are either written in small letter, capital letters or even numerals are used at times etc. sometimes errors are caused by spelling mistakes and even with changes in synonyms and antonyms. In fact there is no control on the vocabulary to be used on the tags. Even users are grouping their tags in such a way that no hierarchy is formed between the tags. Spam web pages and links are another concern with the growing popularity of social bookmarking. Many users have bookmarked various low profile websites in order to make it visible. This is usually done by tagging under very popular categories. This has also turned be a target for all the spam websites to increase the traffic. Therefore the genuine users must definitely be aware of the spamming activities that are taking place in social bookmarking websites especially in those social websites that are free to access.

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