If you are a small business owner then chances are you file your business and personal return together as one return. This can get very confusing if you are not using the best tax preparation software.


TurboTax Online


TurboTax currently offers an easy to use home and business federal return that can help you find both business and personal deductions for the biggest refund. You can start using their software for free and only when you decide to file is when you pay and even then you won’t be disappointed with the price.


Their software is easy to use and will import last year’s tax information onto the correct forms so all you have to do is simply enter the necessary information. They offer free 24 hour technical support if you have any questions when filing.


If you have used online tax preparation software before, you’ll find TurboTax Online is by far one of the best services out there. They can help you get more than 350 personal and self-employment deductions that you may have been missing by using someone else.


Most importantly when you are a business owner, you must be careful to enter all of your information correctly and provide proof for all of your business related expenses. If not you run the chance of possibly being audited. TurboTax Online offers an audit risk meter that will help determine chances that you may get audited. If you do get audited, they will provide assistance in what you will need to do next.


To file your small business and personal return together, visit TurboTax Online

The website is very easy to use and you are guaranteed the biggest refund possible. You should go check out the Turbo Tax website and discover for yourself the Top 6 Reasons why their Company is the Best! You can also utilize their support tab to research small business tax breaks you didn’t even know existed!