On March 15, an exhibition showcasing the history of The American Red Cross will open at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia. The exhibition, entitled ‘Our National Treasure: The American Red Cross’ will tour nationally for five years. This extraordinary exhibit will provide a glimpse into 128 years of history, as seen through the work of The American Red Cross.

The major services provided by The American Red Cross is divided into four areas in this exhibit . These areas are: Disaster Services, Blood and Biomedical Services, Service to the Armed Forces and Veterans, and, Health and Safety.

Items that will be featured include : a circa 1917 canteen wagon along with a coffee and doughnuts canteen display, replicating the snack stations The American Red Cross traditionally provides along with blood drives and disaster relief; posters painted by Norman Rockwell, and other artists; items from the founder of The American Red Cross, Clara Barton, including an invitation to the first meeting of The American Red Cross on May 19, 1881, and a medal she received during the Franco-Prussian War.

During the next five years, it is likely that the exhibition will come to a town near you . As a result, anyone who is interested in attending the exhibition should keep an eye out for announcements from their local Chapter of The American Red Cross. Most Chapters have websites that are regularly updated.

A lot has changed in the last 128 years, however the dedication and services provided by volunteers of The American Red Cross has remained constant. These services could not be provided today without the support from members of the public . As such, donations are extremely important. These donations come in many forms, from common ones such as money, clothing, and blood, through to the less obvious, such as car donations and other vehicle donations. There is no doubt that when Clara Barton formed The American Red Cross she could never have envisioned donations of cars, and yet today they are slowly becoming a more regular addition to the above list of items. Hopefully, they will continue to do so.