So you have decided to setup your own business. By far the simplest process was setting up the company formations. You have a great brand, excellent name and website to match. Well done, you have done the easy part of UK company formations. Now come the difficult aspects of running your own business. You need customers in their droves willing to part with their hard earned cash. If you can manage finding new customers, then you have an even harder task. Now is time to keep hold of them. Businesses that have a high customer retention rate, tend to be very successful. You cannot afford to be losing customers to competitors because you slipped up on customer service for example. So how do you avoid losing customers and alienating them? There are actually a few very common ways to slip up. Here are the top reasons. why I choose to setup company formations England.

It really gets me when a company makes a promise to do something, and then doesn’t. To illustrate how not to treat a a customer, I am going to give you a simple example, which I’ve experienced as I am writing. Don’t get me wrong this company haven’t done much wrong. Luckily I am laid back and don’t come out in cold sweats when I don’t have an Internet connection. On the flip side, some customers will errupt at the slightest piece of bad service.

A lack of Internet connection is why I am writing right now. This isn’t the fault of my provider- in fact I have simply lost my login details and need them confirmed. Yesterday I rang the company to confirm the details. I was politely informed the portal that provides these details was offline, but they would call me back within an hour with the information. I was quite impressed they were making the effort to manually get the details for me. Better still, they actually called ten minutes later with the details. Brilliant! Unfortunately I wrote the details down on a piece of paper which a family member decided to bin, so I had to call back again right now. So I called again and as before, I was told I’d be called back in fifteen minutes. After an hour went by I called back up to chase and was told the same excuse. What irritated me is that I had been told fifteen minutes. What is the lesson to be had here? If you tell your customer you are going to do something, do it. Things can go wrong- so just call them and update them. If the company had phoned to apologise after 15 minutes, and inform me that I’d need to wait a day, I’d have been cool with that. Instead I am now irritated.

This also teaches us about setting reasonable expecations and exceeding them. Had the company apologised and told me there was a big problem, but they’d ring me back before the end of the day, my expecations would have been set accordingly. If they had then fixed the problem quicker than that, I’d have been happy. This is why the McDonalds brand is so successful. When you buy a Big Mac, you know exactly what you are getting. Everything is covered in the McDonalds handbook, from how to cook the burger to how much lettuce to add. This way there’s no room for error. It’s not like when you visit a restaurant one evening and the food is magnificent. Then another time you visit and because they are busy, you feel cheated out of your money. Make sure you set expectations at a reasonable level, and try and beat them. Next fall below expectations.

Remember finally, you will never please every customer. Some customers enjoy causing trouble. These people go through life inflicting pain on customer service! In a all seriousness, in 9 years of running different businesses to varying degrees of success, and with customer service from the below par to excellent, I know you cannot please everyone. You will find customers that break everything and then blame you. Ignore the problem customer and focus on the customers that count by following the advice above.