We must start this article by indicating, our reader, that the entire process of Google SEO is noticeably quicker than say, Yahoo or Bing SEO. Google is, in our opinion, probably the most effective and ultra powerful search engine due to the amount of data which they analyze. They not merely keep an eye on each of the links from all the sites they crawl, but analyze the data of every page, apply PageRank to every one, and derive a ranking. Although Google is this efficient, the task for a normal website, meaning any site other than Twitter, or Facebook, takes time. While Google can process SEO changes on a page as fast as two weeks, good results begin to happen in 2-3 months, and great results in 2-3 years.

It’s not to say that you just can’t get their website ranked within the top 10 for a keyword containing 1,000 monthly searches, easy it really is in 1 month, but depending on the topic of the keyword, competition can be your biggest obstacle. For instance, if you are trying to become the king for keywords in the search engine Optimization arena, you can find that the competition is fierce, a lot more so than say an Auto Radiator Repair Company would. This really is simple math; more people in the SEO field are qualified and know about serch engine optimization than would owners of auto repair shops.

Because Google Optimization, while being the quickest to discover results, still is mostly a long-term affair, don’t feel over anxious to re-optimize your web site before giving plenty of time for your previous efforts to take effect. The facts of the matter is that after about a month, you will definately get a good idea of what precisely is working; you have to find a superb site that can offer a ranking tool, to help you look at your web-site’s performance for specific keywords. There are many in existence and all are free of charge, so don’t fret.

Our best advice is to take some time to write excellent, solid and relevant content in relationship to your other page elements like Meta tags, page title, website topic, and link titles. Give your efforts time to bloom prior to making changes. The largest problem we see is that inexperienced SEO efforts are NOT given enough time to grow, and are cut short before full bloom can be achieved. Sorry for the plant analogies, but it helps illustrate our point best. Keep at it, read all the free resources on the net, specially our articles, they are written by our expert