There’s no doubt or question that Google AdWords can be extremely lucrative and powerful for advertising and branding, etc. The results you can experience are truly astounding, but of course you need to know what you’re doing. In order to make it work effectively, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Writing an AdWords ad is all about reaching out to your target market in the most specific manner. You will experience disappointing results if your ads use general language written in a general way. No matter what you’re selling with a PPC ad, you need to only address that one product, or service, in each particular ad. The only time someone will click on your ad is if they read it and say, “That’s exactly what I need.” The meaning in your ad directly relates to what ever it is you’re selling. Therefore you need to have a set of keywords ready for the type of products you’ll be promoting, so that you can write an ad for each of those keywords. The best way to do this would be to create separate ad groups that are targeted towards each of these keywords, so that you can write the ad accordingly. The money you have to pay for your clicks directly bears on the quality of your organization and preparation for your campaign.

Your PPC ads must convert, and if you’re not experienced writing advertising copy then it really can be a challenge. Avoid using words that do not have reason to be there – your ads need to be super tight. All you have to work with are 60 characters for both headline and title. The headline needs to grab people by the eyeballs and hold their attention, and then the ad has to do its job and produce a click-through. The nature of Google AdWords, or any PPC platform, is that people won’t return if they leave the SERPS page, generally speaking. That’s why your ad needs to be very compelling and cause the click through. Now you have a better idea as to why your ad copy needs to be tight with no wasted words. So when you have so much cut throat competition, your copy has to be cutting edge. For instance, if you’re running a discount on your product, then mention that in your ad. You can get a lot of click throughs with “free,” but a good percentage will only be tire-kickers. Avoid being cute in your advertising, and always write in a clear manner. PPC advertising is all about being relevant, and that is critical to success.

If you ask the right question in an ad, it can have an almost magical effect on conversions. You have read a question that just created some incredible urge to know more, right? Right. Now you know what we mean. You want people to feel like they won’t be able to get to sleep until they know the answer. There is real power in this strategy, but the key is in the question. This was a pretty good primer for AdWords ads, but you should learn something more comprehensive if you’ve never done PPC advertising.

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