Why do we need social bookmarking and who needs to use this tool? Whether you are an average user of the internet, or you want to promote your web-page, social bookmarking can be a very useful tool on the internet. Check out the advantages.


Business promotion

Social bookmarking is a useful tool to make your business an effective web promotion strategy on the internet.

First, the social bookmarking sites encourage the sharing of your content. They create links to your page, and consequently, the links will be spread to other websites without much effort, which will increase your page ranking. By the tags that you create, you will have more visitors who return to your site. By submitting your web-page to a social bookmarking site, the  page will be indexed in the search engines quickly. Social bookmarking helps search engines find content through links and provide a channel for the promotion of content. Thus, it is a great search engine optimisation method.

Second, social bookmarking sites can help to increase traffic which is brought into your website. How does this work? Social bookmarking will increase the visitors on your website. People share the content and urls with each other, and they possibly give comments. If the comments are good, it is likely that the people will visit your site. Furthermore, social bookmarking will produce a diverse link-network by being read by bloggers, who possibly also blog about your article. This again, will give your site extra publicity.


Personal use

There are a lot of advantages in social bookmarking for personal use.

First, tagging always happens by people who know the content of the website (unlike automatically indexing by search engines). It is possible to see how many people have bookmarked a specific source. The more people, the more interesting the source probably is. You can even see who bookmarked a source, and click to see other bookmarked pages by this person. To share your favourite website with others and add tags and comments to your bookmarks makes it possible for others to easily find your favourite sites. It gives the chance  to express opinions on information, and to find others who share this opinion. Without doubt, social bookmarking is an easy way to get new interesting sources.

Additionally, it is possible to bookmark interesting sites and find them again on any computer (with normal bookmarking it is only possible to save them on your own browser).

Furthermore, by connecting used tags, a social bookmarking site can give a good image of the popularity of the content of certain websites. In this way, a social bookmarking site can function as an alternative for search engines, which work with algorithms to show relevant information, while with social bookmarking sites, users are the foundation of the results.

So, the number of times a bookmark occur, could be indicative for the relevance of the information you find there.

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