Cost of education has been increasing every year and the gloabl economic meltdown has significantly contributed for this fact. Inspite of the escalating college fees students wish to complete their high school and also want to earn a good college degree.
In fact, students have become more resourceful and tenacious in looking for scholarships to cover the difference between the cost of attendance and money pooled from family contributions and other financial aids . Now there are various types of scholarships and one of the most unusual among them is the wacky scholarship which funds students to complete secondary and higher education institutions .
The most important part of these weird scholarship is that you dont have to repay the scholarship amount to anyone.However, these are not for everyone and have very inflexible eligibility requirements like having specialized knowledge, peculiar interests and attributes While these scholarships tend to be extremely esoteric, these are nonetheless, tremendously useful. To wit, some of these scholarships can go as high as $ 5,000.00 per award year.
Who would say no to free money and especially when its for a good cause like funding for studies. Individuals who were always criticised for their peculiar skills could now make the best use of these skills with wacky scholarship. For instance if you are exceptionally tall or short based on these ascpects the Tall Clubs international and the Billy Barty Foundation provide scholarship.
Wacky scholarships also helps students who would like to pursue a career in the same line as their hobbies and peculiar interests. For instance, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) offered the student who won its All-American Apple Pie Recipe Contest back in 2008 a $ 25,000 scholarship as financial aid for the school’s degree program . Students who excel in both academics and athletics can win a $ 7,500 college scholarship and a lead role in a ‘Got Milk?’ ad through the Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Program There are many wacky scholarships which are available and if you want to know the application requirements and other details you can check online. If you are searching for them on the net then you must have immense patience and time to get the right one which would be apt for you