Brilliant jobs where people get paid to have fun.

Jobs can be tedious and boring at times, especailly if you are doing a repetative task over and over again. Most of uswant to do more and have fun at work.

Here are the six greatest jobs on Earth and we dare you to dream one of these!

Australian Island Caretaker

The Tourism Queensland opened up a competition in January 2009 for what they said was the best job in the world. The job was to become the caretaker of the islands of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and a Brit charity fundraiser Ben Southall beat over 34,000 applicants. The job required him to write a blog about how amazing the islands are, exploring the beuatiful beaches and diving in the reef, not bad !

Honeymoon Holiday Trialist

Since the hype of the online success created by the Tourism Queensland, Runaway Bride and Groom also decided to create a similar competition to test the best honeymoons in the world. One lucky couple are paid with ¬20,000 (£18,000) by the Irish travel agency to have six months of honeymooning in Thailand, the Maldives, and the Caribbean while drinking champagne and enjoying romantic sunsets. However, partners are not supplied with job unfortunately.

Chocolate Maker

Louis Barnett is the real life Willy Wonka. He left school at 11 to create his own chocolate prefecting the art for 5 years. The 16 year old was selling his chocolate to major supermarket chains in the UK including Waitrose and Sainsburys and has his own chocolate factory. 

Roller Coaster Designer

A German engineer named Werner Stengal is responsible for over 70% of the worlds most amazing roller coaster rides. A roller coaster designer must have a unique blend of knowledge for structural engineering and childish enthusiam. He is also one of people who can spend all day at Disney World for “market research”.

Computer Games Tester

The youth of today have playing computer games as a dominent pastime, since playing outside and watching tv is so yesterday.  So being paid to play computer games is a dream job. Alot of the games like world of warcraft are very addictive and can take up alot of the players time.

Bed Tester

There’s a perfect job for those who find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, and that is becoming a professional bed tester. A student named Roisin Madigan was paid £1,000 for sleeping in a month and testing the comfort of the world’s most luxurious beds. As a part of the job, Ms Madigan had the arduous task of getting completely drunk just to see how this would affect her sleeping patterns. Although it’s a tough job, the Writing and Media Arts student performed her task admirably.