Targeted Traffic for your website is tough to get ? Not with these kinds of 10 easy steps that will show you how to get website traffic with ease.

1. Boost Your Website – Prospective clients primarily use Google, Yahoo and BING to look for services and products. You need to be certain that your site consists of adequate related text and not pictures to ensure that search engines like google are obtaining keywords.

2. E mail Signature\SIG – With the addition of a customized signature with your site URL to your email is one of the quickest and best methods to enhance your web site traffic. If you have employees, require them to do the same.

3. Viral Advertising – The most powerful marketing strategies is still the referral marketing. Put an motivator program into effect and give your clients a reason to propagate the word. They are able to put links of your web site in their blog and email after they have been easily added in to an affiliate program.

4. PPC – Paid Placements you will discover on the right side and top links on the Google site. You can purchase these area on a “pay-per-click” basis. This is a phenomenal way to generate web site traffic which is fairly inexpensive when compared to the roi.

5. Link Or Banner Trade – To trade a link or banner with additional related websites is often recommended. You market for them and they advertise in your case. Also, having links posted on other websites that are relevant increases your Search engine results positioning.

6. Real world Advertising – You are missing out a good way to increase your website traffic if you don’t have your website URL seen on your business cards, letterhead, packaging and even certain products. Business cards are just about the most potent marketing tools you have, make sure that you are enjoying your optimum benefits from them.

7. Follow up Email – Recurring customers are just about the most critical parts of your business. To keep your customers informed of new products and promotions make sure that you get their email addresses.

8. Virtual Sales Force – Join an affiliate program to increase your website traffic. An affiliate is paid a small commission to send out people aimed at your web. When you see web sites or blogs with a “Purchase on Ebay” type of link or banner, those are put there by affiliates as an example.

9. Powerful PR – Have a media release about something new or contest that you will be offering. Be creative! The eye of a busy journalist will catch a special story considerably quicker than a generic one will.

10. Bum Marketing – There are many industry websites where you can publish articles relevant to your product or service and supply a link to your URL. In addition, Goarticles, Hubpages and Squidoo are all wonderful web 2.0 sites to utilize to increase your web site traffic.