My friend, Stacey, was visiting London recently and she didn’t realize that the Red Cross was an international organization or that the Red Crescent was the same organization under a different symbol. This all came out when she had attended a local rugby match in Richmond and there was a St John’s Ambulance Brigade team at pitchside, standing by in case anyone was injured during this violent , contact sport. Her interest was piqued because back home she is a volunteer and not only administers first aid but trains people in CPR technique. She of course introduced herself to the team (the St John’s people, not the rugby guys!) and asked them a few questions about their organization and the way things worked on the other side of the pond . Stacey wondered what this organization was all about and talk soon turned to relief agencies and in particular the work of the Red Cross.

She has been active in the DC Chapter of the American Red Cross but was so involved in the minutiae of training first-aiders she had no concept of the history . On her return she determined to educate herself on the history of the organization and in particular the role of her beloved DC Chapter so that she could converse knowledgeably in the future and avoid embarrassment –I’m sure it was only in her mind, the team sounded very friendly from what she told me . Medics – a common cause and a common heart. Anyway, off to her PC and search engines running to find out what she could about the Washington DC Chapter.

Stacey was delighted to find out how much the Chapter has contributed to the work of the American Red Cross over the years and that recently it has become involved in vehicle donation. She pinged her London friends to let them share the idea and they couldn’t believe it, it really isn’t a big thing in the UK in fact it’s more of a nothing . So, fans and supporters of the DC Chapter we’re ahead of London! Car donation, vehicle donation, auto donation, call it what you will but it’s a brilliant idea and more people need to know about it.