After reading many reviews on the best income tax return software , I’ve come to the conclusion that Turbo Tax is the best Federal income tax return software company.

More people use and trust them more than all of the other consumer tax software companies combined. More Federal returns were efiled with Turbo tax than all the rest. It’s no surprise they are the #1 Best Selling tax software company.

Of course it starts out by asking the obvious questions like, “Are you married?” The graphical icons provide a no non-sense approach to the site. You will not have to spend hours trying to figure out what to do. The site is the easiest tax preparation site I’ve seen. Once you have filed with Turbo Tax then, in future years all of your data is simply imported from last year’s return. You will only have to change things that have changed in your life such as, having a baby, buying or selling a house or retiring.

The software is so thorough you are guaranteed the biggest refund possible or your money back. The software will handle all of the information like deductions for, mortgage interest, education, medical expenses and charitable donations. I don’t know about you but, I really am set at ease knowing the experts that created this tool for us have thought of everything. We all know how the tax laws change every year and I just don’t have time to keep up to date on all the changes.

The team of experts also included an audit meter. If something looks suspicious or inaccurate, you will see a warning in the form of a graphical icon with an indicator meter. Let’s say for example, you are entering the value for a vehicle you donated to charity and you are claiming way more than the car is valued for in the “Blue Book” then, the meter would warn you. It will guide you step-by-step so that it’s accurate and matches the IRS guidelines.

This benefit reduces your risk for an audit. The software also compares your deductions to the national average so you can see if you are in the normal range. Now I would say this is the best Federal income tax return software on the market. There are many more reasons why Turbo Tax is the best but, here are a few listed for you:

  • Biggest Refund Guaranteed
  • It’s Very Easy To Use
  • Helps You Reduce Audit Risk
  • Turbo Tax is the #1 Best Selling Tax Software
  • Turbo Tax is the #1 Rated Tax Software
  • Your Information Is Always Protected

You can be rest assured of a accurate, comprehensive and optimized return to be the best possible return for your unique life situation. Get Started Today at TurboTax Online