Lacoste polo is famous worldwide for its quality, design and price. The materials used are so valuable that one can use Lacoste Polo for a longer period. The price is also for both rich and common people because they give various discounts in many occasions and so the product becomes accessible even to the common people. For the elite class, designer wear collections are very exclusive because of the style. The finishing of each product is minutely done.   

Lacoste Polo Shirt for Women is available in short and long sleeves and sleeveless. It is of solid color and sometimes piping is also seen. It is stretchable and thereby can be worn by slim and healthy people. The wide range of varieties is what makes woman to fill their wardrobe with Lacoste Polo brand. It is 94% cotton and 6% elastane and the company assures 100% guarantee in color and fabric. Tunic polo shirt is generally liked by woman of all the ages as it gives a feeling of youthfulness. Even Lacoste manufactures exclusive collections shorts, skirts and Bermudas for woman. All are available in 100% linen material. It is comfortable for the body. There is an exclusive collection of pleated skirts for Tennis players by Lacoste group. It manufactures cotton fleece sweat pant with contrast tipping at the bottom. It is ideal for the joggers and morning walkers. In the new arrival group of 2010 there is interlock stretch pencil skirt of only 18’’ length with elastic waist band. It is quite trendy and comfortable too.

Lacoste Polo short sleeve Shirt for Men is 100% cotton and comfortable to wear. The shirt is well fitted in the body and thereby gives a proper outlook of the body structure. The company gives 100% guarantee in color and the material used in the shirt. The buttons are so well knitted that it cannot be detached easily. The design of short sleeve Argyle Jersey Polo is worth mentioning due to the expertise touch in it. Lacoste Polo long sleeve shirt has uniqueness because of its splendid look. The new arrival of long sleeve shirt with piping in it gives a trendy look with handsome appearance. One genuinely feels the color and the fabric are authentic. The split hem stitching applied on the collar and on sleeve enriches it superb look. Lacoste Polo T-shirt is trendy and very famous in young generation. T-shirts are 100% Pima cotton so it gives more relaxation and comfortableness to the body. The famous fabric design gives a very cool casual look. Lacoste Polo Sweaters gives a vibrant look in the winter season. As it is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton so naturally the extreme cold cannot penetrate into the body. The V neck vertical strip sweater gives a dashing look. Jersey Cable Tennis sweater vest is 100% cotton and is worn by tennis player in court. While playing the players donot feel hot because the sweaters extracts the moisture from the body and the players’ body temperature remain balanced.

Lacoste Polo Shoes and Watches are available in wide range with elegance in it. Lacoste Handbags are available in different varieties with different get up. One can choose the hand bag according to their needs and requirement.

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