Herpotherm, a German product, has steadily climbed the charts of popularity, becoming one of the most talked-about products for cold sore treatment.

Sometimes lips get some kind of infestation and the result is nasty cold sores.

Cold sores can certainly become intolerable, especially since they erupt in such a place which makes eating, drinking and talking difficult.

But now we have the amazing Herpotherm cold sore treatment product which can be used very well to get rid of cold sores almost instantly.


What Is Herpotherm?


Herpotherm is a small sized device that is shaped somewhat like a nozzle.

The manner of using it is to place it on the sore itself.

The device is based on the effect of heat—the user has to start it and a sudden heat is produced.

When the device is placed on the cold sore and is activated, there is a sharp burst of heat applied on the cold sore.

This application of heat is considered to be an effective form of treatment for the sore.


Understanding Why Herpotherm Works


The thermal generation, i.e. heat generation is the reason why Herpotherm works.

The flash of heat that is produced is quite instant, but it delivers a large amount of heat in a very short amount of time.

The heat produced lasts for just around 4 seconds, but can reach a value of up to 51 degree Celsius.

Consequently, the pathogens that have produced the cold sores are effectively killed and the sore itself begins to disappear.


How Effective Is Herpotherm?


The recommended frequency of using Herpotherm is just once per cold sore, because that is what is needed to get most cold sores cured by using this device.

However, if the cold sore still persists, then a further application can be done.

The manufacturers don’t suggest using this device more than 2-3 times in a day, however difficult the cold sore might be.


Why Herpotherm Is Unbeatable


What most people find to be a definite benefit is that this device is quite small and hence is very portable.

The concept behind it ensures that it works very fast and produces results that last.

People also find it beneficial that the product is designed around the concept of only heat, which makes it natural, not like the synthetic devices that are available with dangerous chemicals in them.

Then there is also the fact that Herpotherm is made of safe materials, which makes it suitable for people who are allergic to certain metals.