When it comes to arranging meetings with potential customers in your office it is actually well worth knowing that they are going to be expecting a fair number of things to be happening around the place which you always need to be aware of. it will be a waste of time on both parties if you do not actually try to please these potential clients when they come in. Drink The very first thing you need to offer someone that is coming into your office or meeting room is a tea/coffee or of course a glass of water. If you are doing this then you are getting in their “good books” instantly because they will know straight away that you not only care about their money but also the well being of them also! Dressing In The Right Way If you are literally walking into a meeting with a potential client in t-shirts and shorts I will have to say I would not be surprised if you did not get the job because the customers will see your business as very unprofessional indeed. wear a suit if it is a very important meeting, if not I am almost certain your best shoes, jeans and shirt will suffice. If you have a com/”>London serviced offices or serviced offices Soho then people are going to expect quality. What Does Competition Do? Keeping an eye on that serviced offices Victoria competitor that you have is certainly something well worthwhile and this is because you may be able to beat them at what they do. Although pretending to be a client and see how they commit their meetings might not be strictly ethical and perhaps not even legal, it would be a good insight. following advice like this and of course other advice you should be fine when it comes to new clients!