It is more professional to look for someone who wears a tie than those who do not have a tie at all. But for first-time wearers, they still feel awkward having a tie tied around their necks. They also have difficulty in the selection of design, patterns, and even color during their first selections. It is really hard for anyone who is not used to wearing mens dress shirts with a tie. For first-time wearers, it is advisable to wear the more basic-looking with a simple and conservative look.

There are various types of tie knots commonly used by men depending on the design and looks of the dress shirts. Those tie knots are suitable for any job interview. It only matters on the style of crossing the knots together. Having a large tie knot is favored as among men, as it gives them more confidence on the looks of the wearer with a symmetrical knots which denotes an aura of elegance and gentility. Four-in-hand knots are less preferred by most men in business outfit as it is smaller and has an asymmetric view.

Choose those knots that fit the collar of the mens shirts or the custom dress shirts. The Four-in-Hand Knot is best for those shirts with narrow collar opening, while those large tie knots such as the Windsor knot goes best with the larger wide dress shirts collar opening.

If in any case that you are dumb or simply do not know how to make a tie. I tell you, practice it beforehand, especially for those more complex tie knots like the Windsor knot.

The usual length of an ideal tie is that the tip of the wider end must touch the bottom part of the belt buckle.

There are also accessories which you can add on your tie like tie bars and clips to keep the tie in place. However, in the selection of the color and shape it should look conservative and non-distracting, like selecting a tie bar in a rectangular shape rather than a pen-shaped one.