Text-to-Speech software is an excellent advancement in technology
and a revolutionary tool with numerous applications.

The most obvious application is for the visually impaired. Instead
of squinting to the point of headaches (or not seeing the screen at
all), news and online books are made accessible.

Text-to-speech software is invaluable for blind computer users as it
enables them to “read” from the screen. This technology was first
introduced as texas instruments speak and spell handheld electronic
learning aid in 1978. Language learners and teachers need to be
informed about this technology, its possible uses, advantages and
limitations since this technology is still in its infancy .

Another use which is becoming increasingly necessary, is the time-
saving benefit to the busy online marketer. Whether you are doing
research or just entertaining yourself reading some digital
information, tts enables you multi-task and listen to one source
of information while searching or writing at the same time.

Text-to-Speech reading software is relatively cheap ! In fact, it’s built into
the Adobe Reader software you most likely have on your computer!
If you didn’t already know this or have never used it, go try it
yourself. Open any PDF text file, go to the View menu, scroll down
to the Read Out Loud sub-menu, Activate it and select your reading

Text-to-Speech software is not just an accommodation for handicap
or time-stressed readers, It can aid primary literacy instruction
in ways that prepare all readers for lifelong learning. And it can
build literacy skills from the very beginning of school, if only
the schools budget allowed for using computer as learning aids.

Text-to-Speech can also be used to help anyone learn new languages,
and in a global environment such as Internet technology offers us, this
can help make new friends or even reach new markets.

For internet marketers, in particular video marketers, using TTS
in our marketing can greatly improve the overall results, whether
in expanding our marketing base or bottom-line sales of products
or services.

Here’s an interesting fact to note:
Over 90% of website visitors do not read an entire article but
definitely would click a video link.

There are numerous text-to-speech and even text-to-video software
programs and services available these days. One of the best, most
affordable and absolutely the easiest to use is VideoGoRound.
We know because we use VGR ourselves! Our own VGR video, aptly
entitled Mary-Go-Round, demonstrates VGR in action!

You will find infinite uses and applications where you can put
the text-to-speech capability of VGR to use, thereby increasing
the chances that your readers, members, or customers actually
absorb the information you hope to convey to them.