Eco-safe driving can lead to road safety and minimizing your gas consumption and vehicle emissions. Making changes to your driving or riding style can also save you money. Driving exam prospects will also get a debrief on their eco-safe driving.

Eco-safe driving and riding as a component of the practical driving exam

If you are taking a driving test you’ll also be assessed on your capacity to drive or ride in a way that demonstrates eco-safe driving techniques.

This evaluation is not part of the existing assessment criteria for the practical test and you will not be unsuccessful in your exam due to the fact you don’t show eco-safe driving methods.

The driving examiner will analyse control and planning, and at the end of the exam will give you suggestions, as guidance, on how efficiently you are driving.


Constantly try to use the vehicle controls as smoothly as possible, with specific attention to:

beginning and moving away


using gears

driving at an suitable pace

This reduces wear and tear on your automobile and will improve in lowering CO2.


Decrease damaging emissions by anticipating road~ traffic situations and acting in enough time, instead of reacting to them at the last moment, particularly:

showing hazard awareness and


making use of engine braking

stopping the engine once acceptable

Ideas for ‘eco-safe’ driving and riding

Follow these guidelines as a guide to safe driving or riding for economy:

check your tyres routinely and

retain at advised pressure

don’t carry unnecessary pounds

get rid of roof-rack or luggage boxes

once not necessary to

lessen air resistance

Don’t exceed speed limits, accelerate gently

look at using cruise management wherever it would be appropriate

switch off your engine if you are most likely to have a prolonged delay

use air conditioning only once you do

plan your route to stay away from recognized congestion areas

try to journey throughout off-peak times

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