Over recent years, car leasing has become a popular way to drive an otherwise, possibly unobtainable, brand new car. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of car leasing due to the fact that the monthly payments are relatively low compared to vehicle finance and there is less responsibility on the shoulders of the lessee.

If you are considering leasing a vehicle, you might want to know what vehicles are the most popular, as these models tend to be offered for the best prices. The list below has been compiled for that purpose.

Audi A4 – Audis A4 has been a very popular car with lessees for some time now due to it being able to offer great comfort levels, reliability, performance, and economy, all for a very reasonable monthly price tag. The A4 does have a very close competitor in the form of the BMW 3 series, though, in terms of leasing at least, the Audi will probably end up being the more sensible option.

BMW 5 Series – BMWs newest incarnation of the 5 Series, chassis identification code F10/11 is the result of years of research and innovation into luxury four-door saloons for BMW. Following on from the huge success of the previous generation E60/E61 which previously made up twenty-five to thirty percent of total BMW sales in North America alone; the F series chassis has become an instant hit with lessees and lessor alike.

Ford Focus – Immediately after the Focus was released to the general public in 1998, it became a sensation. With its advanced rear control blade suspension, the Ford Focus gained praising reviews from motoring journalists about its handling and road poise. From a sales point of view, the Focus was an out-and-out success worldwide, being the most popular vehicle purchase for 5 straight years from 1999 onwards. With high demand comes low relative depreciation and ultimately, lower lease costs, which all means that the Focus is a great option to consider if you are looking for a cost-effective lease car.

Range Rover Sport – Not everyone is out for a lease vehicle that can offer cheap running costs and unassuming road presence; some lessees want a car that yearns for attention and that screams at passers by Look at me! followed by What are you looking at?!. If that is what you want, that is what the Range Rover Sport can give you. It is popular, not for its mechanical ability (which is certainly not to be sniffed at), but for its image.

Honda Civic – The Honda Civic has a brand image that has been etched into the minds of car enthusiasts over a huge number of years, having a production run length second only to the iconic Toyota Corolla. Every new model of Civic that Honda releases, the boundaries are pushed further into the realms of technologically advanced electronic and mechanical cost efficient motoring. The Civic has remained popular because it offers Hondas renowned reliability, class-leading safety systems, almost unmatched fuel efficiency and great value for money compared to most models in the same class.

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