With the number of new phone models, accessories, apps, etc coming out all the time it’s hard to remember a time without mobile phones…but it was not that long ago! The first mobile phone was invented in the early 1970’s, a Motorola. nevertheless, mobile phones only became a common accessory between 1998 and 2000. So, only approximately ten years ago!

Before that, when you made plans with someone – you turned up. On time. You couldn’t text, call or bbm them to say you were running late. in some way, I take things ran smoother that way! This article will take you through some of the classic and most memorable mobile phones, games and related accessories we’ve used throughout the years!

As consumers, we are growing more and more demanding of what we await out of our phones. Sure, nowadays we’ve all got our Blackberrys, Iphones, Htc’s, etc! But we didn’t always look so sleek with our phones…I’m sure everyone remembers the ‘brickphone’ days! These phones literally weighed as much as, and looked like bricks! The electric battery life was pretty trash and they were pretty expensive! None of that mattered though…you were still pretty cool if you had one…even if the large antenna was sticking out of your bag all the time!

Snake – the original! Who can blank out those days… good old Nokia! Even if they didn’t have one, everyone’s gone hours playing snake on it! I’m not talking about the high tech funky versions, but the old school original block snake! Good times! Remember your high score?

Not just any old nokia…but remember the 3210? Pretty much everyone owned one at some point! It was one of the first phones that didn’t have an antena sticking out of it. This was, hands down the most popular phone of the time! It was also one of the first phones to let you personalize ringtones…cool or what?

Who can ever forget the Motorola Startac! The original flip phone! There was no question that this phone was just Apparently slick! It was the first phone to start the ‘flip phone’ fury and many others followed suit after this.

How many of these have you owned in the past? And are we just becoming too demanding off our phones? Share your thoughts!