A lot of the processes your group makes use of have audits and so ought to your project management templates & processes. It’s simply as important to audit your projects as it’s to audit your quality assurance processes. The PMBOK describes the audit as a “structured impartial assessment to find out if project activities adjust to organizational and project insurance policies, and procedures.” There are various totally different views and approaches to project audits out there however we’re going to hue to the PMBOK approach with this article. This method imitates the method used for monetary audits the place the auditors are a firm contracted for the purpose. While it’s attainable to carry exterior auditors in to perform your project audit, it is usually potential to establish and train inner auditors. Should your organization boast a Project Management Workplace (PMO), or Project Management Center (PMC), that group ought to present the service.

Preserve the target of the audit in mind when conducting your project audit. The objective is not to decide the well being of the project, or determine corrective actions that can enhance project efficiency, but to find out whether or not the project is being managed correctly. A project audit could also be performed throughout the project life cycle, or after the project has been completed. A mid-project audit has the advantage of probably correcting project management errors for the audited project whereas an audit on the finish of the project will not help the current project but the audit points will profit your complete life cycle of future projects.

The audit should start with any standards or tips which have been established for projects undertaken by the organization. These may be established by a PMO or PMC, or by the organization. An examination of the documented processes and plans for the project will let you know whether or not standards are being met and pointers followed. The auditor also needs to look at how properly the project is following the project plans and processes.

The Report

The output from the project audit needs to be an audit report which captures all of the observations from the audit. The report ought to capture every level from the audit. Every level needs to be uniquely identified and the outline of the point, suggestions for correction, and degree of severity should accompany the point. The diploma of severity could be a number on a scale of 1 to 10, or an ordinal indicator similar to (L)ow, (M)edium, (H)igh, or (E)rror, (I)mprovement, or (S)uggestion. The report also needs to have a comments section the place your normal observations on the project are recorded. You could be known as upon to present the project a pass or fail in which case it’s worthwhile to clearly seize the factors for go or fail. Make the pass or fail dependent on the total score being under a set level when you use numerical scores for audit points. Make the cross or fail depending on a most variety of Errors when that strategy is used. The move or fail standards needs to be agreed upon with the individuals commissioning the audit and be clearly spelled out in your report. This report is what you’ll present to the stakeholders who commissioned the audit and the project manager.

Beginning Out

The project supervisor for the audited project should be engaged from the outset. This should not be an adversarial course of, the results of the audit shouldn’t be used to punish the project manager unless the project supervisor has deliberately contravened, project management templates requirements and guidelines. The audit must be used as a studying alternative and the project manager should facilitate the auditor’s access to all of the project documentation they require. Begin the audit with a gathering with the project manager and sponsor and spell out the aim of the audit (to improve project management performance throughout the group) and the how the audit will be performed. Detail what you expect from the project supervisor, what the audit will produce (the audit report), and how that shall be shared.

The auditor’s first step needs to be to determine all of the processes and procedures that ought to govern the management of the project. This info must be obtainable from the PMO, PMC, or project manager. The primary document to review will be the Project Charter, Assertion of Work (SOW), or preliminary Scope Statement. This document ought to offer you an summary of the key deliverables and milestones set for the project. The Project Constitution also needs to tell you the strategy the project manager intends to use to deliver on the charter objectives. This information must be used as a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of the project processes and procedures. Do they assist delivery of the objective on or earlier than the deadline? An absence of either a constitution or an SOW should be famous; any project ought to have one or the other, or each earlier than initiation unless some other doc has been substituted in its place.

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