If you want to buy guns for sale online or from a gun auction sale, there are many things to take into consideration. It is important to know the process as well as the rules in obtaining a gun so as not to waste time, money and effort in doing so. Laws in obtaining and owning a gun differ from state to state and the need to have one depends on whether or not a certain state allows ownership or not. Trying to purchase guns from online gun auction is one of the ways of acquiring used guns. These are advertised together with the make, outstanding features, and when the gun was manufactured. It is important to make comparisons to be able to get the best buy. There is also a value guide where guns are listed as well as the prices for each one, its rarity, and antiquity. The guide should be consulted to be able to compare properly its prices from other guns of the same type to be able to select the best one for use. Some guns are not legal for purchase in one particular state that’s why it is also important to consider buying from online gun auction while thoroughly studying first the laws of the state governing its purchase. The process to undergo while buying one should be properly understood. It is also imperative to consider whether it is legal to buy one. Laws differ from state to state with regards acquisition and purchase of guns. Some state do not allow purchase of guns in other states so before buying one, make sure that the gun dealer is a licensed one. Working with a licensed gun dealer makes it easier to import a firearm from one state to another. To find this out, visit the NRA website in the Internet to learn about these laws as well as the list of the different firearm laws from state to state. There are also several gun auction sites for guns offering guns for sale. Browsing through the Internet makes you find many brands and types of guns that are available for sale whether hand guns such as pistols and revolvers and also long guns such as shotguns. Just make sure that these sites are legal and reputed to be gun for sale online sites. The last thing to consider after finally selecting some used guns is to fill up an application form if you intend to purchase them. The application allows the site to make a background check carefully written in the ATF website where legalities about buying firearms are written; before finally allowing you to buy the product.