Mortgage refinance It is Saturday morning and I just received a phone call on my business line from a man who was doing a survey. The person he wanted to speak to had to be male and had to be over 21. Thankfully, I was able to respond politely that I did not ‘fit the bill’ and proceeded to quickly end the call. Why do I think this was a Viagra phone call? What annoyed me was that the young man on the other end of the phone was so soft-spoken that it was difficult to hear him; plus, because his diction was unintelligible, it was difficult to understand him as well.

~You’re all familiar with the idea of the sales funnel, right? You go out and cold call, prospect and generate as many leads as you can. You put all these leads into your sales funnel and then hope and pray that some of them come out of the funnel and turn into clients.

That’s the basic idea and that’s how virtually every inside sales company I’ve ever worked with or have read about currently run their telesales departments.

}Juegos   And there are even ratios and numbers that they assign to measure this. Out of 10 leads they might close one deal, or out of 15 leads close one or two deals, and so on.

Again, this is how 80 to 90% of salespeople and inside sales companies run their business.

But not the Top 20%.

You see, there are problems with the sales funnel idea. The biggest problem is that 80% of salespeople are more focused on putting prospects into their funnel than they are on really qualifying who goes in it.

Their motto is, “If I throw enough crap on the wall, some of it will stick.” Well, excuse the pun, but that method stinks. And top closers know this

property management The Top 20% have thrown their sales funnel away and instead they use a sales cylinder. They spend most of their time disqualifying prospects and only let in a select few who are highly qualified and likely to buy.

They know they don’t need practice pitching unqualified leads, rather they need practice finding real buyers.

Because of this, the Top 20% usually generate the lowest number of leads but have the highest closing rates in the office. In other words the same number of leads that go into their cylinder usually come out.

I recommend you ask yourself to listen to what is not being said. It is likely you were raised by a mother, aunt or grandmother who actually trained you quite well in this regard. When she wanted you do to something, possibly she asked you in a different way or said one thing when she meant another. Like “It is OK if you don’t come home for that holiday dinner. I know how busy you are. I will be fine,” and you know that what she really wants is for you to get through rain, sleet, snow and ice to get yourself home for that meal. Just one example of when people are saying one thing and alluding to another.

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