Are you a new mother or are you expecting ?  If that’s the case, you certainly realize that caring for an infant’s needs will be very expensive.  A great way to lower expenses is by requesting free baby samples.  Here are the top three ideas for you to find baby freebies:

1.  Company Sites – Manufacturers like Huggies, Gerber , and Similac will offer free samples and baby coupons right on their website .  They may require for you to  sign up and they will send free baby products .  Some will deliver free stuff straight to your email box , others may ship you free baby items through the mail.  All you need to do is provide your e-mail and your shipping address.  Most of these baby companies will add you to their newsletter list and send special offers in addition to baby coupons.  For a list of participating manufacturers, search on Google for the baby item or manufacturer name.

2.  Freebies Sites – There are hundreds of sites that are called free sample sites .  These websites list a large variety of free stuff .  There are many categories of free stuff like beauty samples, household samples, and samples for kids .  Most sites rely on other Internet users  just like you to share the freebies they have found .  You can find these free sample sites by searching on Google for “free baby stuff.”  

3.  Doctor’s Offices and Hospitals – Health Care Providers often receive free baby magazines, diapers, formula, and baby samples for new mothers. They usually have a sales rep from the major baby manufacturers that give free baby samples .  Talk to the nurse at the Pediatrician’s office or when you go to your prenatal visit .  Another source of free baby items is at the hospital where you’ll be delivering your baby.  Manufacturers such as Enfamil and Similac provide free diaper bags filled with lots of free stuff .  Just ask!

With a little bit of searching, you can find all kinds of free baby stuff.  Have fun searching for baby freebies!