The largest challenge many people have is that they will attempt and buy website traffic from web sites and even sources in their industry consequently pay out all their funds and have virtually no profits to show for his or her attempts. On this page I want to explain to you exactly how you can avoid this problem & ways to succeed at generating traffic with your market the proper way.

Tip #1:

One thing you have to do is recognize that your accomplishment at having visitors to your website and making money off of them is about the details. You ‘must’ have a tracking system in place so you can know which keywords and sources are bringing you in the most profits.

Tip #2:

The following point you have to do is start out really small with every source you are testing! The biggest mistake that most people make is they will start out really big and drive tons of people to their site and how they will buy from them.

They think that since they’re driving thousands of visitors to their site that they somehow deserve to make a lot of money in return.

You need to realize that “hope” is not a traffic strategy.

Tip #3:

Once you find that a small source is giving you a good return you should pause all the other things you do and focus exclusively on that one source. That way you can maximize your efforts and profits from one source.

Once that source is making you a great profit – then move onto the other sources in your market!

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