“High school flunkie napping in the back of a totaled and rusted out Ford Pinto reveals the trick to making money online, raking in a unbelievable $397,432.00 in 11 months utilizing the free computers at his neighborhood library!”

For just 4 convenient payments of $997.00, you can discover this excellent simple, easy cash system that amazingly makes your special ATM, spitting out money on cruise control. Press two or three computer keys, go to the swimming pool & kick back while enjoying perfect fruity cocktails & whistling at bikinis.

The cash definitely will roll in to your trusty checking account. You at long last get to live the life you really want. You couldn’t stop the dollars flowing in to your bank account if you tried.

Your very own Cash machine performing on steroids….

Blah, blah, blah.

I am a Sarasota Realtor who personally knows the horrible (but practical) mystery these alleged Online “” experts “” do NOT want you to grasp.


Hell, many of these self-anointed “” experts “” toss together a product or “box of rubbish,” make it look really compelling & top it off with a ton of crappy, magnetic marketing / promoting designed to tempt our CORE identity (i.e., who we “truly want” to always be insteal of who we are). Voila, our credit card is out and we’re seeing our new life flash before our very eyes.

This is Marketing 101 transferred to the newest hot new medium – the Internet.

At a fever pitch, snake-oil pitchmen (also known these days affectionately as Internet Marketers) are working people in a frenzy, making them to feel that making money online is simple…darn simple.

Similar to the long-standing snake-oil wolves in sheep’s clothing dancing all over and shouting about miracle cures for each and every malady imagined in the 1800s, there’s a revival happening.

Names and faces have changed, but the tactics remain the same.

Easily sell to people’s desires!

Create the fevered mania that even the most right-brained, skeptical tightwad can’t resist using the following time-tested and proven marketing and advertising tactics:

 1. Have a look at an unexpected “hero” – such as a high school drop-out.

 2. Make this unexpected hero realise success more than his and our widest curiosity – $397,432.00 in only one awe-inspiring year we’re told (and led to believe).

 3. Reveal to us a ton of check deposits allegedly demonstrating this $397,432.00.

 4. Overwhelm us with “testimonials” presumably from others just like the following high-school drop-out who signifigantly copied this $397,432.00 sweepstakes success.

 5. Help to make an irresistible 100% cash-back promise.

 6. Enable us to glimpse our new and considerably better lives – that is, get us to view us as just as qualified as (or even more suitable than) this so-called high-school drop-out.

 7. Make us a great offer we can not reject.

You see, this “hero” must make money more than his and our craziest imagination.

Why, you question?

Rather simple.

Even this is tested and verified.

Ask yourself, why do more people today buy into the PowerBall when lotto jackpot soars to a record high? Why do even more people pitch their money away on superior chances they’re going to get hit by lightning on 3 consecutive times than celebrate the lotto win?

Let me personally rescue you from worrying about it. Response is, Someone’s gotta win. It might as well be me.

If a high school droppie can do this, so can I, you point out. Even if I don’t give it my all, I still should really be have the power to earn $100,000…true? I’m clearly as good as this “teenager.” If I just do it, I’ll end up being in a position to stop working my tiresome daytime job & enjoy the very lifestyle I have frequently dreamed of living.

Are you sensing the love yet?

Get this:

 * No more demanding manager that bulllies you on a daily basis with “getting fired.”

 * Absolutely no more two “week” getaways where you cannot manage to go wherever.

 * Absolutely no more driving that piece of junk!

 * No more existing in a rusted and burnt out Ford Pinto.

I can do this!

Fine. Here is exactly where we will start out, little grasshopper.

My name is Mike Payne and I am a recovering Internet Marketing junkie. I permitted myself to be jerked about by the hysteria relating to the product release of the day…or hour…or is by the minute now? Doesn’t matter. You realize exactly what I mean. A brand new must-have something with an army of affiliates leaping on the “looneywagon,” blasting you with fifty email messages a second. Virtually all these email messages say the exact same silver bullet, don’t they, as each and every online marketer attempts to best the others with “my bonus is greater versus your bonus” hook. Once I acknowledged the facts about Affiliate Marketing incest and I stumbled on and put in place powerful online marketing skills (instead of the flavor of the day), my opportunity to assist more people today improved as did my money coming in <gasp>.

You see, I am a Sarasota real estate agent helping homeowners avoid becoming another Sarasota foreclosure statistic. A lot of of these people today are on the Web looking for someone like me. Clearly, I must have strong (Internet) marketing skills to help people. Precisely what I don’t need are a bunch of money-hungry “experts” pitching me (and you) a wonder pill. Have you had enough of these drum-beaters pitching you relentlessly on the next greatest “must have it” magic pill? Just turn off the racket, lock your cash away & figure out precisely what you really want and what it will take to get what you want. You don’t even need to listen to these “experts” and all their affiliate marketers pitch you on the next “magic pill.”