Mortgage Refinance  The major corporate climate debate of the moment is whether business should be solely answerable to stockholders or whether much broader stakeholder responsibilities must be brought into play. In this article I discuss “Business Ethics” and how old-fashioned views of stockholders alone are broadening out into a wider conception of value creation.

I have avoided Twitter for some time. My reluctance stemmed from the fear of another social networking site tearing chunks of time out of my day. However, I’ve surrendered, and despite my first inclination to only follow the likes of Stephen Fry and other celebs I’ve actually found it rather thought provoking. Of course, there are many mundane tweets which don’t put a spark in my day (such as trips to the dentists or school runs) – but there are others which have made me stop and think about some of the bigger business questions of our day.

Juegos A recent Tweet was ‘Business ethics is an oxymoron’ – a well used phrase but one which never fails to get my goat. My initial reaction was to reply saying, “Why is it that we feel we must accept an outdated view of business as ‘dog-eat-dog, each bastard for themselves’? Can’t we instead embrace the social collaboration of value creation that modern capitalism can be if only we all try?” – but that was more than 140 characters. So I thought perhaps I’d try to explain my view in a bit more fully.

home selling As in this case, not only was I mislead by the individual who issued the invitation, but the associates I met at the firm as well as the marketing director. Isn’t it funny that a firm can’t even be honest and call their marketing director a sales director? I guess by calling them a sales director would be too honest or ethical and might scare people. NOTE: Upon returning home, I did a Google search of this organization and discovered yes they were a multi-level marketing firm. Yes, I should have done this before accepting the invitation, but I believed that the person was forthcoming in directly answering my 2 questions.

So you as a small business person who may actually have such a firm in your formal networking group can avoid my unethical networking experience by following these two rules. (I used to have only one rule, but expanded to a second one.)

  1. Directly ask if your potential client market will be there?
  2. Do a Google, Yahoo, etc. search on the Internet regardless of the response to question #1

You will learn two things. The first is the ethics of the person involved and the ethics of the organization. Possibly the individual has been conditioned hence why the word cult is used as a descriptor not to think of the organization as MLM.

Small business owners have limited time and need to leverage every moment to build their business. Networking is one such activity. Yet, when other small business owners take advantage of their colleagues through the demonstration of unethical business core values, then everyone loses.

I am sure that this national firm will continue to grow because many individuals want that magic pill for success. However, I believe that by being a lot more ethical, this firm and some of the other similar firms could grow with greater speed and not earn the negative unethical reputation as a cult based multi-level marketing firm You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.